5 Myths About Interior Designers

By October 26, 2017


1. Some think interior design is all about playing with fabrics and furnishings and most confuse interior design with interior decorating. Yes interior designers do select fabrics and furnishings however this is a very minor part of the job. Ultimately they are different professions which require a different set of skills and expertise.

2. “Oh your home must be lovely”; a comment I often hear; in reality it is such a busy demanding profession that designers have very little time to spend on their own home and we all know that great design cannot be achieved on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

3. Interior design is a female profession; this could not be more wrong. There has been a huge growth in male interior designers in the last ten years. The best design professionals, regardless if they are male or female, are those with a unique vision and approach. They have a natural creative flair and an intuitive feel for interiors.

4. Qualifications not necessary; this is absolutely untrue. While a natural talent is extremely helpful, having a solid knowledge base through a structured learning programme is essential. Interior designers are able to move beyond visual décor to create functional spaces that satisfy the practical needs of the user.

Werner Aisslinger  Bikini Island, designed for Moroso 2
5. You must stay on trend; the problem with trends is that they come and go and sometime don’t last very long so something that is very fashionable today may become dated tomorrow. It is fine to take inspiration from reading magazines and seeing new ideas coming onto the market but try to avoid slavishly following fads that you may live to regret.

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