Beyond the Walls: Exploring challenges to design, gender and being a mentor

By 2022

Reham Yehia Hussien from GAJ and Mariska Stoffel from Killa Design talk about the challenges pertaining to the industry and how gender plays a role in the same.
by Suha Sabith Middle East Architect March 8, 2022

In our newly launched video series Beyond the Walls, we explore various topics relating to innovation, challenges to design and the overall well-being of the A+D industry. However, we literally pass the mic to the experts to discuss and understand what their views are on the various topics.

Episode 1 – Providing the female perspective

In our first episode, we explore the female perspective on design, challenges at a construction site and being a mentor to upcoming female architects.

Reham Yehia Hussien from Godwin Austen Johnson and Mariska Stoffel from Killa Architectural Design share their experience entering the field, the changes in the industry since they started, sustainability and more.

“Before when I was told to go to construction sites to follow up with the work there, I felt excited, thinking about the construction of the design etc. But it’s not as it seems, it is quite challenging,” says Reham.

Beyond gender: sustainability considerations

Reham and Mariska spoke about how women were a ‘bit more’ mindful about the sustainability aspects to design but ultimately it was on the onus of each individual person to promote sustainability.

“Sustainability starts within yourself,” says Mariska. “We have to start by making a change in our personal lives and then to go out there and convince the client.”

She also went on to elaborate on the challenges of getting sustainable materials for construction and the associated issues.

Watch the complete video by clicking on the link above. Stay tuned for more episodes of Beyond the Walls!

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