Christine Espinosa-Erlanda One of Ten Global Winners of SurfaceWorks 2019 Penny Coloring Contest

By June 27, 20192019

Earlier this year Christine Espinosa-Erlanda submitted an entry for the SurfaceWorks 2019 Penny Coloring Contest.

To her surprise and delight she was selected as one of the ten global winners.

The winning entries were chosen from dozens of submissions from around the world. Each of the winners received a custom Penny table with their artwork transformed into a digital laminate top.
Launched in February, the colouring contest was a part of SurfaceWorks Valentine’s Day Campaign. Participants received a template of the Penny top and were allowed to use their medium of choice.

Many used coloured pencils and markers, while others submitted photographs.

The winning entries were carefully selected by a panel of colouring experts comprised of a diverse group of SurfaceWorks employees. “It was difficult to choose just ten winners as we had so many creative designs submitted,” says Lauren Stark, marketing generalist at SurfaceWorks. “The contest was designed to bring an element of fun into the workplace and to demonstrate our custom capabilities.”

Christine’s design was titled The Infinity Rose Penny Table.

“Nature is fearless when it comes to mixing colours which is why I opted to sketch a simple rose. The artwork is my attempt to imagine a red rose that grows and spreads its petals with varying colours of different hues and shades. I envisioned it growing infinitely and at the same time flourishing to reflect variation itself through different colours,” said Christine.