Depicting the Strength of Women at Live Art Event

By December 17, 20182018

Christine Espinosa live art

As part of the UAE’s 47th National Day celebrations this month architect Christine Espinosa-Erlanda was one of 100 artists chosen to take part in a live painting event at the Queen Elizabeth 2 (QE2) ship in Dubai.

The artists were asked to create a painting that symbolised the UAE and the vision of Sheikh Zayed using the four colours of the UAE flag – black, white, red and green.

“While preparing for this event I came across this quote by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan: ‘Nothing makes me happier than seeing Emirati women take their role and assume their rightful place in society. Nothing should stand in the face of their progress. For, like men, women are entitled to holding senior positions that suit their capabilities and qualifications’ which struck a chord,” said Christine Espinosa-Erlanda, architect.

“This inspired me to paint an image of a strong woman who is humble and yet fierce, which is why I used red to paint her. The architectural backdrop shows how she is progressing in the Gulf region while the fragmented triangles is an abstract symbol of a mashrabiya screen, of unlimited possibilities – essential to the identity of the Gulf region.”

Christine was one of just a few selected to receive a certificate of appreciation for her contribution presented by Sheikh Awad Mohamed Bin Sheikh Mujren.