Five things….. interior designers can’t live without by Elie Choucair

By December 12, 20162016

In our previous article we looked at the challenges of an interior designer. In this piece we highlight five things that today’s designer can’t function without.

1-Technology and social media
Where once we trawled through books and magazines, now we can just hop onto the internet and browse thousands of sites for inspiration or simply to stay up to date with the latest trends. Social media sites and design portals allow users to visually share, discover new interests, research new design trends, projects and products and create their own virtual library accessible from anywhere. It is an invaluable source for designers and one we can’t live without now.

2- Accessories
Accessories play a very important role in completing a designed space.  This is where a designer adds the finishing touches. It where they can bring out the project’s personality and create the shapes and colours and desired textures to complete the décor. The styling and accessorizing are the final details before the completion of a project.  Completing a project without these very important final steps is very much like getting dressed up without putting on any jewellery or adding cufflinks. The art of accessorising is a process where the space is decorated for interest, texture, balance and function.  A designer should always set aside a budget for it from the early stages of a project.

3-Mood boards
There are three major areas of focus that should apply into interior design projects. Greater emphasis cannot be given only to the hard finishes where materials are selected to cover the floors, walls and ceilings. Every interior designer understands the importance of fabric selection to finish the look of a room or a space. Understanding the characteristics of different fabrics and the best use of each is a big contributory factor contribute in creating a successful interior. Selecting colours and patterns is the next progression of understanding the proper use of fabrics in a project. It will be impossible for an interior designer to be successful without being able to dream, live, feel, select and blend these hard and soft finishes which become the essential source of inspiration.

4- Flair, passion and vision
Two things drive us as designers: artistic flair and passion. A designer is always hungry for new inspiration and absorbs everything related to design wherever he goes, whether it is an inspiration coming from the nature, the surrounding environment, an art exhibition, furniture detail or a theatre stage decor. We are always intrigued by new techniques, colour combinations as well as trends, which, without our creativity, would not survive. To create a successful interior it is important that an interior designer, when designing a project, is true to his own vision and that his work is reflective of his unique style and personality. To achieve this, you have to push boundaries; otherwise your interior will simply look like one from a catalogue.

We are naturally and instinctively drawn to different colours. A designer should be able to readily adapt to different colour palettes from one project to another. It is extremely important for a project that it evokes a sense of joy and as such adopts a colour scheme that best personalises its interior to bring a unique touch to it. Choosing the correct hues and shades is vital when creating a bespoke design scheme. A good designer should always enjoy a wide selection of colours during the design process and create a unique palette to make an unforgettable statement.