From the Ground Floor Up: Designing a New Hotel

By May 14, 20202020

What goes in to the creation of a new hotel? In this new feature we take a peek behind the scenes during the design of the DoubleTree by Hilton Sharjah

Inspired by Sharjah’s unique heritage and culture, the DoubleTree by Hilton Sharjah sits comfortably within its environment as a modern interpretation of a classic design inspired by three key elements.

Guests are greeted by a stylised vertical version of an historic banyan tree structure at the entrance. The Rolla tree was once a favourite spot for residents to sit under the dense shade of the branches to wait for the cargo boats arriving at the nearby port. The abstract tree sculptures and contemporary majilis-style seating area replicate these gathering points reminding guests of the welcoming culture of the emirate.

The story continues through a modern interpretation of the arish style of housing, a traditional palm leaf structure of early UAE homes, through stylised cladding and installations cleverly incorporated into the public space of the lobby area.

The third element is an acknowledgement of the UAE’s ancient art of pearling which is reflected in the luxurious materials used throughout the project and highlighted by a monochrome palette that borrows heavily from the blue shades of the ocean and the cool green shades of the Rolla tree accented by warm desert orange and lustrous pink pearl tones.