GAJ Assistant Architect Chosen for Future Architecture Programme

By February 11, 20182018

Young assistant architect Piyush Prajapati has been selected to attend the Future Architecture Matchmaking Conference in MAO (Museum of Architecture and Design) in Ljubljana this month. He was chosen, along with 20 others, from over 500 applicants from 43 different countries and is the only person from the Middle East to be invited to present his idea at the conference.

Prajapati’s winning idea is the Hex-A-Tral, a model that derives and stores energy from human pressure which is created by movement such as walking or running and then used to transform, transmit, and create energy and microclimatic spaces.

“There is limitless amount of energy which is created during human movement and the idea is to extract and then simulate this simple source of energy production from unit scale to mass production through a unit called fractal,” said Prajapati. “A fractal module which can be multiplied to infinite numbers is then developed. The module would gather and store information/energy based on bionic sensors installed in them which would then be an essential part of the transportation roads, pedestrian roads, dwelling facades, floorings.”

The Future Architecture platform has been designed to highlight the emerging generation of talent in various disciplines and share their ideas about the future of architecture. It also strives to make the complex issues of architecture comprehensible to everyone and promote a more sustainable living environment.

The Future Architecture platform enables architecture museums, festivals, producers, publishers, agencies, academic institutions and multidisciplinary emerging professionals to easily connect and build joint projects. It invites emerging talent to get involved with 20 established architectural institutions and organisations throughout Europe and to present their work to the widest audiences.

Prajapati joined Godwin Austen Johnson as an intern in 2017 and six months later was offered a full time role as assistant architect. He is currently working on a number of high profile projects including an internationally branded hotel, the residential component of a mixed-use project and a number of high rise commercial towers.