How to Choose an Interior Design Consultant in Dubai

By December 18, 20162016

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Finding interior design consultants in Dubai that are the right fit for a particular project, client, or company can be a large undertaking. The city is forward thinking in its pursuit of good design and innovative building types. This has resulted in a high-level of expectations in design from clients and created a thriving architecture and interior design community. To figure if an interior design consultant has the experience and expertise one might be looking for is to examine what important factors are needed in an interior design consultant.

Determine Credentials
One of the most important things a designer can offer a client is the proof of their education and expertise. Credentials are usually seen as a qualification, achievement, quality, or aspect of a person’s background. For interior design consultants in Dubai, this can come in the form of licensing, awards, or professional organisation membership. Qualified designers are often vetted by a consortium, agency, or organisation that holds a high standard for design and education. Organisations like the International Interior Design Association (IIDA) have specific education and experience requirements needed for a designer to join their organisation. It also requires continuing education for all long standing members. Additionally, professional awards are a clear signifier of a professional being honoured by their industry peers. GAJ is an award winning design firm that recently received the Interior Design of the Year: Public Sector award from the Commercial Interior Design Awards delivered by Commercial Interior Design, a magazine for design professionals in the Middle East.

Examine Experience
Project managers, developers, and investors looking for the best interior design consultants in Dubai can use the experience a firm or individual designer brings to the project as a valuable metric. This might include the number of years they have been a designer, the various countries or cities they have worked in previously, or most importantly the type of projects they have worked on. For example, a developer of education buildings will look to the various school buildings a British Dubai-based firm like GAJ has created, examine the level of quality found in those projects, and compare them against the developer’s vision for future projects. Often a building itself can determine the experience and credentials a design consultant has; thus a walk through of similar projects is an excellent way to see the designer’s capabilities.

Seek Sustainability
Buildings of all types are looking towards sustainable practices in both the construction and function of a completed project. Potential clients can use this as a guide to find the interior design consultants in Dubai that have valuable experience in sustainability. This includes energy efficiency, water use, materials, and waste reduction in the construction and maintenance of a building. One valuable resource is the United States Green Building Council’s (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) programme. Their programme has a points system of precise requirements that can result in building projects being awarded a level of certification for its sustainability practices. In addition to this, individual designers can become LEED certified professionals due to their expertise in sustainable design.

Be on the Forefront of Technology
For interior design consultants, being at the forefront of design technology can set a firm apart and give clients access to a variety of services. One example is incorporating 3D printing into interior design. Customisation or bespoke furniture, lighting, and decorative items have always been a part of interior design. With the advent of 3D printing, this has created an opening for more access to innovation and customisation for designers. The incorporation of Building Information Models (BIM), goes hand-in-hand with this innovation as designers can now adeptly draw whole buildings and small details in the same programme. By using BIM to draw three dimensionally, the designers can create custom design features that can then be printed and installed in the finished project. BIM programmes such as Revit can also be used by MEP engineering and structural engineering professionals. Through communication and collaboration, architects, interior designers, MEP engineers, and structural engineers have the potential of building together in the same programme.

Check Out the Services Offered
Project managers and developers can get a clear sense of a design firm by examining the services that are provided. This might include creating construction documents, adhering to building codes, specification writing, specifying all aspects of the interior spaces, procurement, and installation. A full-service firm like GAJ Interiors will do all of that and more for their clients.