How to Use Pantone’s Colour of the Year in Interior Design

By January 20, 20202019, Articles
Pantone Colour of the Year 2020. Classic Blue

According to Pantone “Classic Blue is timeless and enduring. It is elegant in its simplicity”. It is already being used in fashion, interior design, textile and graphic design and has the power to make a statement and hold attention depending on how it is applied in interior spaces. Classic Blue can be used in many ways but here are a few applications that fully explore the beauty of this primary colour.

Simple accents

Inject accents or bold statements in the form of a large sofa, artwork, rug or cabinet. This is an effective way to break up a large room to emphasise a particularly striking architectural feature while not completely overwhelming the space.

Harness the dramatic

Consider painting your walls and ceiling with Pantone 19-4052 in a matt finish to create a dramatic, exquisite and refined atmosphere. The blue makes an excellent backdrop for stronger colours creating exciting pops of vibrancy in a unique way.

Layer your blues

Even though Classic Blue is such a rich shade, people shouldn’t be intimidated by it. Playing around with different textures, patterns and materials of the same shade can pull together a perfectly balanced space.

There’s nothing more classic than blue and white

Classic Blue with plenty of white accents remind us of images of fluffy clouds passing through a clear blue sky transporting us to idyllic summer vacations. It’s a timeless combination enough that will always create a sense of grace and elegance.

Opposites attract

Another classic pairing is blue and orange. They are complementary colours as they are on the opposite sides of the colour wheel. The combination is often found in nature and is therefore comforting to the human eye. Since both colours are strong and bold, it is a highly effective method of drawing attention which is why this combination is often used in marketing campaign.

Blue and green

Classic Blue doesn’t need to be the only pop of colour in the room. Although green and blue originated from the same colour family, it is surprisingly how well they actually go together. Classic Blue is a deep, rich and almost masculine colour while green offers calmness and security when applied in interior design. With the right balance, it results in a very dramatic and interesting look.

Blue with natural flair

My personal favourite combination is the pairing of Classic Blue with natural materials such as wood in medium brown tones. The subtle personality of the neutral hues draw the eye towards the blue accents creating a powerful, purposeful and timeless interior space.

By Rochelle Mojica-Beligon