Meet the Team: Abdallah Gad

Abdallah Gad

This month we meet interior designer Abdallah Gad who shares his thoughts on what he believes good design is and what has inspired him in his career.

According to Senior Associate Paula Fay Evans Abdallah has cemented himself within the team as a key creative designer offering diverse skills in all areas of the design process. “As a multifaceted designer he brings spaces to life with his strong 3D skills and creative expression taking them through to detailed delivery,” she says.

1. What was it that appealed about interior design that made you want to take it up as a career?
I really like the creative freedom to build and design forms that I can touch. When I was studying at architecture school I discovered there was so much more to creating buildings than just design. There is the history, the structure, the engineering behind it and so much more. But at the heart is the attention to detail. The ability to shape human experience through space is a privilege. And it is this that has given me the desire to take up architecture and interior design as a professional career.

2. What do you think the UAE can teach other countries around the world and what can we learn from other countries in terms of design?
With its iconic cities, the UAE shows the rest of the world the endless creative possibilities. It shows that it is a country driven by open-minded clients and visionaries with a desire to help shape the country for the good of its inhabitants.

3. What is it that frustrates and inspires you the most in interior design today?
Design should not be trading time for money, It’s an honour and a gift to be able to create buildings and spaces that influence hundreds if not thousands of human lives. I am inspired by the many well-designed and well executed buildings that we see here in the UAE and around the world.

4. What or who has been the biggest influence on your work?
I have been so lucky to work with some highly experienced architects and designers in my career so far. The people I interact with have no idea just how motivating it is for me to have them share their wisdom and knowledge. I learn so much from the people around me and I look forward to the day when I will be the one stopping in the corridor to chat with the next generation and, hopefully, inspiring them.

5. What is most important in interior design right now?
A recurring theme in design today is value engineering (VE). It is sad just how many brilliant ideas are thrown out because of an over-zealous VE approach. It is challenging.

6. Define good design…
Good design is efficiently planned, creatively designed and well-executed.

7. What has been your biggest source of pride to date?
I think my biggest source of pride to date has been seeing one my first architecture projects through to realisation and knowing it was well-executed and almost exactly the way I imagined it to be. When one of your designs come to life the joy of creation is unbeatable.

8. If you had one piece of advice for aspiring designers, what would that be?
When I first came to Dubai it didn’t take me long to realise how fast paced this country is so my advice would be to stay focused and ensure you manage your time effectively. As well as staying current in this increasingly competitive market it is also important to ensure what you do makes you happy. The opportunities here really are limitless.