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By November 21, 20162016


Revitalising the Heart of Sharjah with Restoration, Renovation and Regeneration

From cultural heritage to modern design, we create interiors that blend seamlessly into the unique fabric of Dubai’s architectural needs. For hospitality projects, we work with our clients and operators by creating a design that answers a need, provides a service, and creates an experience for their guests. We develop the project with our client to address both the practical and aesthetic aspects of the design. A hotel needs to be a place that excites, revitalises and keeps the guests coming back for more, and that is what we strive to attain with our designs.

How we Work with Clients
As architects and interior design consultants in Dubai, we work with both clients (developers) and operators at an early stage to create hospitality projects that speak to both the traditional and modern lifestyle that guests come to expect in this part of the world. We sit down with our clients to develop a design that addresses the guest experience, the amenities they would like to incorporate into the design and the facilities needed for the project to function well, including the layout of the support facilities for both the operations, utilities and the needs of the staff. One example of this work is our current project, the Al Bait hotel. A good example of this kind of work is one of our current projects, the Al Bait hotel in Sharjah. We recently won the 2015 Interior Design of the Year – Hotels Category from the Commercial Interior Design Awards, for this project by incorporating the restoration and heritage into a new luxury hotel experience.
The Al Bait Hotel

Restoration on a Grand Scale
The Al Bait hotel is located in the Heart of Sharjah, the UAE’s largest restoration project to date. With a look back to the site’s original 1950’s design, this neighbourhood is planned as a major tourist destination that includes commercial, cultural, and residential facilities. It will include restaurants, retail shops, art galleries, traditional and contemporary markets, archaeological sites, museums, play areas, and commercial offices. The Al Bait hotel development forms part of this overall restoration project and includes both traditionally restored buildings and new build. As architects and interior design consultants for this project, we have been charged with developing a project that fits seamlessly into the Heart of Sharjah Heritage area yet meets the luxurious requirements of the high-end GHM clientele. The Heart of Sharjah neighbourhood is expected to be completed by 2025.

The Al Bait Experience
The design of the project was based on the footprints of the streets and courtyards of the old heritage area in order to preserve the historical traces of the village. The built mass in between are therefore reinterpretations of the old houses (Baits) that were present within these footprints. The design thus recreates the pedestrian routes through the village to the Creek, retaining the overall mass and proportions of the old houses to create a natural and authentic flow to the circulation and layout of the various components of the hotel. The hotel comprises 53 bedrooms, an all-day dining restaurant as well as an Arabic restaurant, a gym and spa, meeting room facilities, a library and an heritage museum all spread out between the different buildings on the site. The bedrooms are all located within dedicated bedroom blocks designed around the typical courtyard houses of the region, whilst the meeting rooms, reception facilities, and museum are located within the restored buildings.
This approach ensures a harmonious integration between the guest rooms and the amenities as well as between the streets and courtyards of the area as a whole. With the reconstruction of Souk Shanasiyah and the upgrading of Souk Al Marsa, the hotel will occupy an important location within the heritage area and provide guests with an authentic experience right on their doorstep.

Award-winning Design
The Commercial Interior Design Awards states that a winner for the hospitality category is awarded to a hotel project that has, “an inspired scheme that pays close attention to conceptual coherence throughout a large, multifunctional space and which takes into the account the needs of members of staff and heightens guest experience.” These awards are handed to outstanding projects across the Middle East. Our work as interior design consultants in Dubai succeeded because we were able to address all of these requirements with the Al Bait Hotel design. We believe that by paying close attention to the vision that our client has for this ambitious restoration project, we were able to create an award winning design.

Interior Design Consultants in Dubai
Our work goes beyond that of hospitality and interior design. As a British design firm, we are a full-service solution for development projects across the Middle East. We offer architecture, interior design, master planning, lighting, and mechanical engineering services. Our expertise includes residential, hospitality, retail, leisure, entertainment, public sector, institutional, and corporate building types. For every project, we use the skills and expertise that our team has to address complex design problems and create innovative solutions. With the Al Bait hotel project, this collective approach helped us create a design that will be a stand out experience for guests and an award winning design for our client.