Top Architectural Firms in Dubai for Master Planning

By November 27, 20162016

Dubai Sports City

As one of the top architectural firms in Dubai, we often go beyond architecture and interior design, and use our skills in master planning. We examine the relationships that buildings, roads, and outdoor spaces create. As well as how they relate, coexist, and work together to create spaces that function well and responds to the human scale. One of the master planning projects we were appointed for was Dubai Sports City. With an integral relationship between living and recreation built into the village, there was a unique opportunity to plan for spaces and relationships that are specific to the vision of a sports city.

Shedding The Shed: A Case Study In Sports Facility Master Planning
Dubai Sports City is a master planned community located along the Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road corridor that celebrates the interconnected way that sports and living can thrive together. Our work with the developers focused on creating the sports village and academic buildings for this community. This 6,63,616.53 square foot development consists of five usage types that are interconnected throughout the community: residential, commercial, hotels, retail, and sports. Within those usage types, various amenities bridge the gap between living, working, and play. Clinics, schools, academies, restaurants, community centres, mosques, and parks make this space a culturally rich development. With many sports training facilities, the need for large spaces and high ceilings often lead to a shed-like design. For the facilities in Dubai Sports City, we tossed out the concept of creating buildings based on the shed, and repurposed the spaces to be more dynamic and functional. We were shedding the shed.

The Academies
The academies we developed included the Manchester United Football Training Centre, the ICC Cricket Global Academy, the FIH Hockey Academy, and the Bradenton Preparatory Academy. As one of the top architectural firms in Dubai, we were charged with developing the master plan for these centres of learning; the places where the residents transformed themselves into knowledgeable professionals in various sports and interests. With ICC moving their headquarters to Dubai, we were entrusted with creating a world class facility and the overall concept for their main offices. The Global Cricket Academy was designed with various practice pitches, as well as sport technology and cameras for training and improvement purposes.

The Sports Facilities
The basis of design and the inspiration was to move away from the norm. As a result, we created architecture that is completely different than what is often seen in Dubai. The design concept was to create column less portals for each sporting vault. By using a concrete structure to create a bowstring formed arch, we were able to seamlessly incorporate good design and the practical needs of the space. Each arch is spanned by FSC certified glulam timber beams. The ability to circulate from one vault to another is possible through connecting corridors built between each sporting vault.

Sustainably Designed
One key aspect of the master planned design was to incorporate sustainable practices into the design and completion of this project. As one of the top architectural firms in Dubai, we were able to pull our expertise in sustainability and accomplish our environmentally conscious goals. We addressed this with active and passive design features to ensure that buildings have a low energy usage, this contributes to reducing the overall carbon footprint of the project. This includes designing buildings in clusters to offset the heat island effect that often happens in urban areas and can be especially important in warmer climates. For the glazing found throughout the master plan, we incorporated aerofoils, which blocked direct sunlight while still providing diffused daylight to illuminate the spaces during the day. These aerofoils cut down on warming the building from sunlight and reduces energy consumption. Energy use was also a way to reduce the carbon footprint of this project. We paid special attention to equipment installed in the spaces in order to have reduced energy consumption, and the recirculation of air through the HVAC system can reduce energy consumption throughout the project. We also specified FSC certified wood across many elements of these buildings.

What We Do
As one of the award winning and top architectural firms in Dubai, we use our skills across multiple platforms in the building arts to create innovative and engaging spaces. We are a full-service British design company that established ourselves in Dubai for over 20 years. We are able to call upon these skills and areas of expertise to create a variety of building types and master plans.