Bridging the Design Gap

By September 22, 2016

As the UAE sees a flurry of budget and midscale hotel brands entering the region, studies from Euromonitor support the notion that midmarket options are gaining popularity, with 36% of leisure travellers choosing midmarket hotels when travelling for pleasure. Hotel News ME hears from Elie Choucair, associate, senior interior designer at Godwin Austen Johnson on how budget brands are
becoming more fashion-conscious and much less formal with their design scope.

The UAE has traditionally been hailed as a luxury destination with upscale hotels and resorts cluttering the shorelines and city centres with Dubai at the forefront of the luxury scale. But a shift in dynamics has seen many of the seven Emirates largest hospitality chains dabble in the midscale market. As sites for prime hospitality assets become more scarce, Dubai is seeing a major shift towards budget and mid-market properties, underpinned by government incentives, Gen-Y and a growing of the middle class in key source markets.

With a new breed of hotels comes a new wave of travellers previously unable to frequent the often expensive 5-star rates known to the region. But just because midscale hotels aren’t benchmarked as high-end, doesn’t mean that they won’t pack a punch with their interiors and facilities to make a lasting impression on visitors as Elie Choucair, associate, senior interior designer, Godwin Austen Johnson explains: “Where once hotels in the region were focused on reflecting the local culture in their design, creating a unique and authentic experience for guests, there has been a subtle shift away from this approach towards more flexible, technology and trendy oriented concepts, with an emphasis on experimental interiors. Conventional space design and approach is changing, and fluid and open spaces concepts translate to being able to cater to the design aware, tech savvy, fashion conscious customer’s expectations of a midscale hotel in the region.”

Source: Hotel News ME
The article is on pages:  60 – 61

Godwin Austen Johnson

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