GAJ Sponsors Student Praying Box Competition

By January 28, 2016

The Ajman University of Science and Technology in conjunction with Godwin Austen Johnson challenged their students to a design competition “The Praying Box”.

The competition called for students to develop transformative solutions that advance spiritual thought and social interaction. Brian Johnson, who is a keen contributor to educational, design and literary initiatives that encourage and foster creativity in the younger generations attended the event as one of the judges on the panel and was there to present the awards to the winning students

Professor Fahr Hayati, Dean, College of Engineering, Ajman University of Science and Technology welcomed a delegation from a renowned architectural and consulting engineering firm GAJ Architects. Brian Johnson, Director, GAJ along with his team have been known widely for their impressive feats in the arenas of engineering and architecture, one of the award winning designs is the Dubai Creek Club, a landmark in the heart of Dubai, featured on the twenty Dirham currency note of UAE.

The firm earlier launched a design competition for the students at Ajman University, who were to present their designs on “Prayer Box”. The GAJ delegation reviewed the presentations given by the faculty students who explained their individual designs and the philosophy that inspired them towards that design. The firm distributed cash prizes and certificates to the top three designs for the prayer box to be set up for easy access for students who wish to pray in the campus itself.

The delegation and the College appreciated and commended the efforts exerted by the students in coming up with such ideas. The students are encouraged for their due diligence and excellence, and the effective embodiment of the values of the College of Engineering. The need to communicate and cooperate with the offices and engineering companies supports the process of teaching students and preparing them to deal with the labor market on the one hand and on the other hand the students benefit from the expertise and the immense experience of the professionals who impart valuable knowledge.

Source: Ajman University

Godwin Austen Johnson

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