Al Khobar, KSA


The initial key spaces of the ISG school campus immediately communicates the ethos of the school and its aim for excellence. The parents’ café at the main entrance creates a welcoming and immediate contact point for visitors while the cafeteria is designed as a space where mealtimes for students are enjoyable, social and educational moments.

The atrium with its wide interactive staircase aids to engender and enhance a sense of community and shared purpose. Connective spaces and accent walls are combined with a neutral palette backdrop and connecting views to and from the staircase promote interaction and a sense of community in the school.

Transferrable furniture assures flexibility paired with functionality and a bright colour palette together with the use of natural materials create an inviting, sense evoking ambiance and environment for students to inhabit.

The school will accommodate both American and British curriculums within an interconnected series of buildings with shared facilities including sports and underground spaces.

Project Details

  • Client: Rashed A. Alrashed & Sons CO.
  • Location: Al Khobar, KSA
  • Type: Education
  • Scope: Full Service
  • Year: Completed