Specialist Lighting

There is no substitute for a good lighting designer.

They add a dimension to architectural projects, which, without it, would be two-dimensional. Lighting transforms spaces, it changes the mood and the ambience of a room, it creates attention-grabbing facades and it defines the emotions of brands. It is something that is probably not as well understood as it could be and it requires an expertise that is unique.

At GAJ, we believe in bringing the client and the contractor on board at the initial stage of the process. We hold, what we call, design workshops to show them what we’re using and why we are using it. This forges a greater understanding of the process and a buy-in of the client.

Our lighting team works very closely with the design and architectural teams on projects to advise on the functional aspects of lighting as well as the aesthetic impact required by the project and by the client. Every project is different but the relationship between lighting and architecture is an enduring bond.

All Specialist Lighting Projects

Al Bait Sharjah

Architecture | Interior Design | MEP | Lighting

GEMS International School

Architecture | Interior Design | Lighting

Sharjah Art Foundation

Architecture | Interior Design | Lighting

Hilton Garden Inn Dubai Mall of the Emirates

Architecture | Interior Design | Lighting

Regina Santos

Regina Santos

Associate Lighting Designer / Head of the Specialist Lighting Department

Having attained a Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Design, a Bachelor of Science in Architecture & Urban Planning and a Master of Science in Architectural Lighting Design Regina decided to commit to her passion and specialise in lighting design which she has excelled at for the last ten years.