School Building

On arrival at the Citizens School Dubai visitors encounter the first of the key spaces – the reception, parent’s cafe, lobby and learning stairs – which help create a welcoming, relaxed, and immediate contact point for students, parents, and teachers.  

The lobby area comprises elements that inspire to engage and socialise with soft seating and use of natural materials bringing a sense of warmth to the space. The placement of indoor plants endorses the wellness theme that runs through the school and emphasises the connection to the outdoors.

Forming the heart of the school the wide interactive staircase with connecting views encourages interaction and enhances a sense of community and shared purpose. A large skylight floods the entrance area with natural daylight – a theme that is followed throughout the school.

With a large skylight providing a warm flood of daylight, the primary library promotes an inclusive and collaborative learning environment with acoustic, natural materials, and neutral colours designed to create a calm setting for focused study. The space encourages a range of experiences with multiple levels of challenge for different ages and abilities with bookshelves of various heights, child-sized tables and chairs, soft seating, reading nooks and showcase displays.

The interior design of the dining hall concentrates on creating a space where mealtimes become an enjoyable, social and educational moment. It reinforces an environment that is more than just a place to eat. This is a space which can be converted into an activity hub to strengthen the school community. Transferrable furniture pairs flexibility with functionality and natural materials with sound absorbing characteristics to create an inviting, sense, evoking ambiance. An interactive herb garden for the students to engage with promotes the idea of wellness and healthy eating.

In the Foundation Zone the aim is to excite the children about learning and exploring, stimulating young imaginations, with its hide and seek exploration zone, private reading nooks as well as various playful and flexible elements such as soft seating, and large floor cushions. Here, also, natural finishes with sound absorbing materials are combined with colourful elements to create a safe and friendly learning space where students can thrive and grow.

The nursery design is a light, neutral space punctuated by pops of vibrancy and whimsical shapes of assorted sizes. It features a storytelling zone with soft seating and cosy reading nooks.

Developer: Al Zarooni Emirates Investments

Main Contractor: Intermass