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The Wave Muscat, Oman


The speed of change through technological advance is scarcely believable.

In just a few years the market has moved from the physical world of the drawing board to the virtual world of 3D modelling and all that comes with it. We can now pretty much view a building from any different angle and in any different situation, night or day, summer or winter, prior to committing a shovel in the ground. The opportunities are endless and only limited by our own imaginations.

Collectively we work together to embrace these technological advances bringing insight from our various nationalities, experiences, education and personal interests to today’s engineering world. This is only possible in a highly communicative environment where people are encouraged to form relationships and work closely with others. We all like different things and have different interests; the key is taking the best bits and relating it back to the science of engineering.

We firmly believe in the evolution of engineering and with that comes the need for our engineers to evolve with it. It is not all technology based however and practical experience is equally as important as an engineering model. We ensure that all members of our team are involved in visiting our projects on site.

Whether we learn from the man holding the hammer or the person occupying the space after completion it is important that we learn from what we did do well, what could be done better, and how we could make it easier in future using the technology we have at our fingertips.

Buhais Geology Park


Arcadia High School

Architecture | Interior Design | MEP

The Arcadia School

Architecture | Interior Design | MEP

Vida Creek Harbour

Architecture | Interior Design | MEP | Lighting

The Chedi Al Bait Sharjah

Architecture | Interior Design | MEP | Lighting

Emirates International School

Architecture | Interior Design | MEP

Ladybird Early Learning Centre

Architecture | MEP | Interior Design

Sharjah Art Foundation

Architecture | Interior Design | Lighting

Al Wathba, a Luxury Collection Desert Resort & Spa



Our team is our core and we ensure that everyone visits our projects on site as we feel it critical that we learn from what we did well, what could be done better, and how we could make it easier in future using the technology at our fingertips.

We believe that by being involved from the inception of projects we influence the important passive sustainable elements of a project such as orientation and sun path/shading analysis to optimise free savings in terms of cooling load as, once set, these are difficult to change.  We embrace cutting edge technology to reduce energy consumption, providing good engineered solutions, not bolt on gimmicks.

We actively encourage professional membership and pay for our employees to be members of professional bodies as well as supporting them through Membership and Chartership processes.

Alaa Abdelmohsen Sayed

Alaa Abdelmohsen Sayed

Partner – MEP

Alaa is an MEP professional with twenty years’ experience in the leadership, design and delivery of MEP services on a wide range of projects. After obtaining a bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering, Alaa began his engineering career in Saudi Arabia and Egypt where he gained experience on a wide range of prestigious projects including the major CityStars hospitality development in Sharm El Sheik, Fairmont Heliopolis and Jolie Ville, Luxor.

Sherif Abdoh


Sherif has been in the construction industry for more than 16 years and has worked with a number of major and internationally renowned engineering consultancies and contractors during his career.

Sumodh Varghese Raju


Sumodh believes the key to a successful MEP engineer is the ability to be able to adapt to the continually changing MEP landscape. He stays up to date by attending seminars and conferences throughout the year as well as continuing his professional development through regular training.

Shivabalan Raveendran


As an associate Shivabalan is responsible for the development of the electrical services for projects preparing detailed designs and engineering specifications as well as reports for the team and for the client.