The concept behind this project was to try to design the undesignable, and to recreate that uniquely random and natural growth that sets apart the normal definition of architecture from architecture without architects by incorporating a range of different spatial experiences in a way that most modern architectural planning seeks to regularise or, worse, to avoid, by imposing an idea of a formal structure or logic.

It was therefore necessary to avoid the more formal planning that, whilst present in Ottoman and Moghul architecture, is more often balanced by an organic approach in old Arab cities (and indeed in old cities throughout the world). The response of all who have experienced the spaces reinforces the view that the reason why The One&Only Royal Mirage is a success is because it fulfills a genuine need in all people to experience a building which unfolds its secrets to them.

Project Details

  • Location: Dubai, UAE
  • Type: Luxury Hotel
  • Scope: Concept Design
  • Year: 2003 – 2004