In less than a century the economy of the region has rapidly evolved from small scale enterprises such as pearl fishing, date farming and regional trading into a globally connected, financially sophisticated, multi-cultural economic dynamo. Its swift growth, peace and prosperity have been achieved through the visionary guidance of the nation’s leaders, whose political philosophy is to respect and respond to the needs of its citizens.

The architecture of the Federal National Council’s new home is designed to communicate its increasingly vital role in the lives of all United Arab Emirates citizens. The building is designed to symbolise the unique identity of the United Arab Emirates: a modern society moving boldly into the future while retaining a strong connection to its history and traditions.

The dome structure is a soaring flower-of-the-desert, becoming a proud landmark for public gatherings as well as a model for the conservation of the region’s precious resources.while retaining a strong connection to its history and traditions.

Project Details

  • Client: Federal National Council
  • Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Type: Government Building
  • Scope: Interior Design
  • Year: 2013 – Completed

(in association with Ehrlich Architects)

It is a natural extension of the architectural design, with a palette of subtle and natural tones, similar to the exterior.

Seven concepts, as in the number of Emirates, have been selected to capture the essence of the United Arab Emirates;

Arabic Calligraphy
Dhow building
Arabic embroidery
Islamic geometry
Pearl diving / mother of pearl

The designs reflect how these concepts have been interpreted to create something unique and contemporary, and fitting for a building of this stature.