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Ladybird Harnesses Solar for Energy Production

Following their LEED Gold certification, the Ladybird Nursery Al Barsha and the Ladybird Early Learning Centre JVC continue their quest to provide healthy, efficient, and carbon-saving buildings through the recent installation of solar panels.

The solar photovoltaics (PV) rooftops have been installed on both schools in a bid to generate their own electricity.

Since their installation at the end of last year, the Ladybird Nursery has 260 solar photovoltaic grid connected panels generating 141 kw of energy. This is sufficient to produce 75% of its annual electricity. The Ladybird Early Learning Centre has 305 panels generating 166 kw of energy producing 100% of its annual electricity.

“We are very proud to be certified as a LEED Gold early learning centre and we continue to integrate sustainable practices into our schools to help improve efficiency and reduce our ecological footprint. The installation of the solar panels not only help us become more efficient they also integrate renewable energy to replace fossil fuel-based grid electricity and to shift to net zero to meet local and global agendas,” said Monica Valrani, CEO, Ladybird Nursery.

Both schools are connected to DEWA under the Shams Dubai initiative. This allows direct usage of solar power into the buildings as its being produced, with surplus solar power being fed back into the grid and net metered each month. 

Designed by Godwin Austen Johnson the Ladybird Early Learning Centre was the first to achieve LEED Gold status in 2016 with the Ladybird Nursery achieving accreditation in 2023.

“From the outset we agreed with the client that the major inspiration for the design of both the Ladybird schools was that they should provide an attractive, healthy environment for both children and teachers. We wanted to create something that everyone would enjoy and at the same time instill a whole culture of sustainability and efficiency,” said Jason Burnside, managing director, Godwin Austen Johnson.