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Federal National Council

Abu Dhabi


Tourism Landmark


Muscat, OMAN




Completed Concept

The Tourism Landmark Development aims to create a vibrant indoor/ outdoor hospitality, dining and shopping precinct directly linked to the beach just northwest of The Wave Development in Oman.

The design of this project is a reflection of Oman’s heritage interpreted as a series of dining, retail and accommodation components assembled around the traditional urban planning of typical Omani villages. From the mountains to the coast each have their own particular charm adhering to the traditions of the past and the design principles of their forefathers. The project thus aims to capture the unique urban characters of these villages to give visitors a sense of the breadth and beauty of the country.

Dubai Creek Top view drawing
Dubai Creek Top view
New Project - 2023-06-15T162655.082

The golf clubhouse was designed to reflect a modern interpretation of a traditional dhow in full sail capturing the essence of Dubai's seafaring traditions and the majesty and simplicity of the lateen-rigged dhows as they sailed up and down the coastline of Dubai.

New Project - 2023-06-15T162851.749
New Project - 2023-06-15T163232.972
New Project - 2023-06-15T163317.080